Trusted Floor Waxing and Stripping in Fort McMurray and Surrounding Areas

Waxing is an important part of maintaining a long-lasting, well-kept floor. At Fort McMurray Cleaning Company Ltd., we provide trusted floor waxing in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, as well as floor stripping services. Is the floor of your home or business beginning to look worn out or tarnished? Not to worry – it is likely that your floor is still in good condition and that it is only the wax that needs replacing. The wax creates a barrier between the floor and any dirt or object it comes into contact with. When the wax is worn out, it must be stripped of all the original wax so that we can lay down a new layer, giving your floor the shiny, polished look you love. We are proud to work for commercial clients.

Give us a call today to book your floor stripping and waxing service for your home or business.

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